Immaculate Mary
Rex Summae Majestatis
I'll Sing A Hymn To Mary
Maria Mater Gratia
Raise Your Voices, Vales and Mountains
Res summae majestatis Creator hominum
Te solum his oblatis Fatemur Dominum
Sint dona tibi gratia Quae nunc offerimus
Et deleant peccata Quis te offendimus

Tu corpus tradidisti O Jesu Domine
Tu sanguinem fudisti Pro mundi crimine
dum tuae celebramus Mortis memoriam
Nos ipsos consecramus in vivam hositam
I'll sing a hymn to Mary The Mother of my God
The Virgin of all virgins Of David's royal blood
O teach me Holy Mary A loving song to frame
When wicked men blaspheme thee
To love and bless thy name

O lily of the Valley O mystic Rose What tree
Or flower, e'en the fairest Is half so fair as Thee?
O let me tho' so owly Recite my Mother's fame
When wicked men blaspheme thee
I'll love and bless thy name
Raise your voices vales and mountains
Flow'ry meadows, streams and fountains
Praise O praise the lovliest maiden
Ever the Creator made

Laudate Laudate Laudate Mariam
Laudate Laudate Laudate Mariam

Murm'ring brooks your tribute bringing
Little birds with joyful singing
Come with mirthful praises laden
To your Queen be homage paid

Hail Mary Full of grace  the Lord is with Thee
Blessed Art Thou among women and
Blessed is the fruit of Thy womb Jesus
Holy Mary Mother of God Pray for us sinners
Now and at the hour of our death  Amen.

Maria mater gratiae
Dulcis paren clementiae
Tu nos ab hoste protege
Et mortis hora suscipe

Jesu tibi sit gloria
Qui natus es de Virgine
Cum Patre et almo Spiritu
In sepiterna saecula

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Bring Flowers of the Rarest
Bring Flow'rs of the fairest
Bring flow'rs of the rarest
From garden and woodland
And hillside and vale
Our full hearts are swelling
Our glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest
Rose of the vale

O Mary we crown Thee with blossoms today
Queen of the Angels  Queen of the May
O mary we crown the with blossoms today
Queen of the Angels   Queen of the May

Our voices ascending
In harmony blending
O thus may our hearts turn dear
Mother to Thee
Oh thus shall we prove thee
How truly we love thee
How dark without Mary life's
journey would be

O Sanctissima
O Sanctissima O Piissima
Dulcis Virgo Maria
Mater amta intemerata
Ora ora pro nobis

Tota pulchraes O Maria
Et macula non est in te
Mater anmata intemerata
Ora ora pro nobis

Sicut lilium inter spinas
Sic Maria inter filias
Mater amata intemerata
Ora ora pro nobis

In miseria in angustia
Ora Virgo pro nobis
Pro nobis ora in mortis hora
Ora ora pro nobis

Immaculate Mary Our Hearts are on fire
That title so wondrous Fills all our desire

Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria!

We pray for God's glory May His kingdom come
We pray for His Vicar Our Father and Rome

We Pray for our Mother The church upon earth
And bless sweetest Lady The land of our birth

Holy Mary Mother Mild 
Holy Mary Mother Mild
O sweet sweet Mother
Hear O hear thy feeble child
O sweet sweet Mother

O exult ye Cherubim
and rejoice ye Serephim
Praise her praise her
O praise our spotless Mother

Tossed on life's tempestuous sea
O sweet sweet Mother
Cast thy tender eyes on me
O sweet sweet Mother