Jesus Thou Art Coming
Sing My Tongue The Joyful Mystery
Pange Lingua
O Jesus Christ Remember
Jesus Sweet Jesus
O What Could My Jesus Do More
Jesus Thou art coming
Holy as Thou art
Thou the God Who made me
To my sinful Heart
Jesus I believe it
On Thy only word
Kneeling I adore Thee
As my King and Lord

Who am I my Jesus
That Thou com'st to me?
I have sinned against
Thee Often grievously
I am very sorry
I have caused Thee pain
I will never never
Wound Thy Heart again.
O Jesus Christ remember
When Thou shalt come again
Upon the clouds of heaven
With all Thy shining train
When every eye shall see Thee
In Deity revealed
Who now upon this altar
In silence art concealed

Remember then O Savior
I supplicate of Thee
That here I bowed before Thee
Upon my bended knee 
That here I ow'd Thy presence
And did not Thee deny
And glorify Thy greatness 
Though hid from human eye
Sing my joyful tongue the myst'ry
Of the glorious Body slain 
And the Blood all pure and precious
Shed a lost world to regain
By the King of nations insuing
From a womb that knew no stain

Born unto us of a Virgin
Purer than the purest snow
and amongst mankind conversing 
Seeds f heavenly truth to sow 
He at length in wondrous order 
Closed His sojourn here below 
Pange lingua gloriosi Corporis mysterium
Sanguinisque pretiosi Quem in mundi pretium
Fructus ventris generosi Rex effudit gentium

Nobis datus, nobis natus Ex intacta virgine,
Et in mundo conversatus Sparso verbi semine
Sui moras in colatus Miro clausit ordine.  A men.
Jesus sweet Jesus my treasure divine
Oh! with what rapture I call Thee all mine


Fountain of sweetness abyss of delight
Robed in Thy splendour immortal an bright
God of my heart Oh when shall I flee
Alway from my prison to love only Thee

Brilliant celestrial my glory my sun
Oh that I loved Thee Thou beautiful One
O what could my Jesus do more 
Or what greater blessing impart
O silence my soul and adore 
And press Him still nearer thy heart.
Tis here from my labor I'll rest 
Since He makes my poor heart His abode.
To Him all my  cares I'll address 
And speak to the heart of my God

In life and in death Thou art mine 
My saviour I'm sealed with Thy blood 
Till eternity on me doth shine 
I'll live on the flesh of my God.
In Jesus triumphant  I'll live 
In Jesus triumphant I'll die
The terrors of death calmly brave 
In His bosom breathe out my last sigh.
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